ANIMA’s activities include companies, investors, public and private agencies, international organisations and support structures for both business and territorial development willing to be active in the Mediterranean.



Since 2002 the economic intelligence undertaken by ANIMA has been able to respond to two major needs:

  • The need to monitor both actively and selectively certain countries and industrial sectors around the Mediterranean (continuous economic intelligence based on a selection of more than 150 independent sources)
  • The need to identify the key players and business, investment and partnership opportunities

The ANIMA resource centre provides real time news (in the form of current investments, financing opportunities and territorial development strategies) and macro- economic news. These elements are then edited into specific material such as:

  • The Investments and Partnerships Observatory (MIPO)
  • The Investment Funds Observatory (Medfunds)
  • Qualified directories of business networks, clusters and support structures
  • Real-time publication of economic news
  • Sector and thematic studies

Results: 8500 FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) and partnerships analysed, 600 investment funds monitored, 300 economic development actors mapped, 70 studies realised. 



ANIMA introduces companies to investors, strategic partners and business development or financing support structures.

The ANIMA network concentrates its efforts on companies with high growth and innovation potential.  It also works with large companies attentive to socially responsible investment and local development.

ANIMA offers:

  • A web platform for businesses and clusters in Europe and the Mediterranean to develop partnership opportunities
  • BtoB and cluster-to-cluster meetings
  • Coaching sessions for entrepreneurs
  • An up-to-date calendar of business events in the Mediterranean
  • Tools to evaluate the economic and social impact of investment projects

Results: Over 17000 participants to our events, 2000 business partnerships generated, 60 start-ups financed.


Cooperation and project development

ANIMA also delivers their expert experience within some of the region’s cooperation projects, either directly or via its network in Europe and the Mediterranean.  ANIMA works with its network members and partners to build projects and coordinate a number of pilot initiatives.

  • MedAcademy: a two-way learning tool that helps to identify best practice and encourage the transfer of experience between economic development actors
  • Support for project development (search for partners and financing)
  • Project coordination
  • Mobilisation of expertise

Results: 4500 professionals sharing experience, 50 cooperation projects developped.



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