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ANIMA training


ANIMA Investment Network has been training economic development agencies in the Euro-Mediterranean area since 2002. Its training activities are now extended geographically to Europe, the Middle East and Africa region and are addressed to all development actors.


Approved as a training organisation in France, the country in which its Secretariat is located, the ANIMA network supports economic development actors to deal with changes in their environment through the acquisition of skills and the creation of new professions in various key areas. Most of the training courses aim at promoting sustainable investment, private sector development and international cooperation.


Who can participate?

ANIMA training courses are addressed to any person wishing to acquire or develop skills in the field of economic development or international cooperation: professionals from organisations supporting the private sector and promoting territories, actors supporting innovation, local authorities, elected officials, NGOs, consulting firms, international organisations, recent graduates wishing to acquire complementary skills, etc.

The scheduled training courses are open to international participants, in order to foster the exchange of experiences and the development of an international professional network.


Next trainings


International Cooperation - All public

  • Elaborate an international cooperation project and raise funds | 30 mars - 1 April 2020 & 25–27 November 2020 | Marseille, France


Attractivity & economic development - Agencies and business support organisations

  • Digitisation of economic development agencies | 26 - 27 March 2020 | Marseille, France
  • Prospect and build a relationship with foreign investors | 18 - 19 June 2020 | Marseille, France
  • Generate and facilitate external investments | 21-23 September 2020 | Paris, France
  • Aftercare strategy: Fostering the development and local integration of external investors | 13-15 October 2020 | Amman, Jordan
  • Manage an external investor’s implementation | 15-17 December 2020 | Marseille, France






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