"Boosting business in the Mediterranean: Entrepreneur's success stories" Part 2

Country: Algeria, Others countries, Cyprus, Egypt, Euromed, Europe, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey
Activity: Agribusiness, Furnishing and houseware, Other or not specified, Bank, insurance, other financial services, Biotechnologies, Public works, real estate, infrastructure, Chemistry, plasturgy, fertilizers, Electronic components, Car manufacturers or suppliers, Distribution, Water, environment and utilities, Education, culture, media, Electronic ware, Conventional Energy, Renewable energy, Electric, electronic & medical hardware, Consulting and services to companies, Data processing & software, Mechanics and machinery, Aeronautical, naval & railway equipment, Drugs, Metallurgy & recycling of metals, Health services, Telecom & internet, Textile, clothing, luxury, Tourism, catering, Transport, logistics, Glass, cement, minerals, wood, paper


At the origin of this publication was a strategic idea: to promote investment in the Mediterranean region by allowing entrepreneurs that have successfully invested in the partner countries to tell their stories. This idea is based on the realisation that the Euro-Mediterranean area will not be built solely at the political and institutional level but by the businessmen and women that experience it on a daily basis. The experiences of entrepreneurs presented in this publication demonstrate that the Euro-Mediterranean area is an incontrovertible economic, social and human reality that is being built piece-by-piece and that possesses immense potential. We feel sure that it is time to fully unleash that potential.

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