CLIMATE - The NCD Partnership draws a first assessment of the action of Morocco and Tunisia

Source: NDC Partnership
Country: Morocco, Tunisia

Launched at COP22 in Marrakech in 2016, the Nationally determined contributions Partnership (NDC) brings together 15 member countries including 2 MED countries, Morocco and Tunisia.

Its objective is to support member countries that have requested support in the implementation of the NDCs established under the Paris Agreement, and which embody each country's efforts to reduce national emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change. The Partnership works by facilitating access to technical assistance, knowledge and financial support.


In its report Partnership in Action: One Year On, published on 30 November 2017, the CDN Partnership presents the results achieved in the 15 member countries during its first year of operation.


In Morocco, the Center for Climate Change Competence (4C Maroc) and the Adaptation of African Agriculture Initiative (AAA) appear to be the two main mechanisms for sharing the country's experience, particularly in terms of financing actions, and effectively strengthening national capacities in the fight against climate change. In an NDC Partnership Support Unit-facilitated consultation workshop in Mali in August 2017, 4C Maroc provided lessons learned on developing investment plans that support NDC implementation.  


Tunisia has embarked on an ambitious energy transition process based on the Energy Efficiency Strategy and the Tunisian Solar Plan. These efforts have resulted in two key targets to be reached by 2030: reducing primary energy demand by 30% and increasing the share of renewable energies in electricity generation to 30%. They were supported by the Investment and Renewable Energy Laws and the Energy Transition Fund Decree. The priority areas for adaptation to climate change are water security, agriculture and coastal resilience.



For more information, see the full report available on the NDC Partnership website.


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