ANIMA supports its members in their cooperation actions through projects and shares its expertise, either directly or via its network in Europe and the Mediterranean.


The Secretariat team works with its network members and partners to build and manage projects and coordinates a number of pilot initiatives for a shared and sustainable development in the Mediterranean. ANIMA also provides members and economic development actors with a number of services:


  • Technical short-term twinnings between investment and economic development organisations: Peer Learning programme
  • Training of economic development agencies: Master Classes of Economic Development
  • Support for project developmentand management
  • Search for partners and international funds: i-Financing
  • Development and coordination of strategic projects funded by international donors
  • Mobilisation of expertise (investment promotion, entrepreneurship, innovation, financing, etc.): ANIMA Expertise


Click here to download the comparison of regional strategies for economic cooperation in the Mediterranean realised by ANIMA (in French only)

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