DIASPORA - Promotion of DiafrikInvest at the 2019 Forum for the African diasporas

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DiafrikInvest, leading initiative launched by ANIMA Investment Network, CONECT (Tunisia), StartUp Maroc (Morocco), the CJD (Senegal), and with the support of the European Union, accompanies the African diasporas involvement in the economic development of originate countries by connecting talents and opportunities, and by supporting local entrepreneurs.​

Since 2017, ANIMA Investment Network and its partners have been implementing its DiafrikInvest programme, which mobilises talents from the Moroccan, Tunisian and Senegalese diasporas (mentors and entrepreneurs), strengthens the coordination of actors and programmes in order to encourage the connection between local development projects and investment projects, but also ensures a better coordination and a greater efficiency of diaspora investment support mechanisms by orienting investors towards the relevant structures.

Thus, for the second consecutive year, ANIMA is Major Partner of the Forum for the African Diasporas (FDDA2019), whose joint interests tend to bring an added value to the diaspora valuation and its involvement in the development of the continent. Indeed, the ANIMA network has made the issue of diasporas central to the economic promotion of countries by supporting the implementation of numerous initiatives to mobilise foreign talents at the service of the Mediterranean countries development, first in Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, then Lebanon and Palestine, now gathering 75 organisations in 18 countries in Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa.


ANIMA at the FDDA2019: at the core of the mobilization of Mediterranean and African diasporas
With DiafrikInvest, the ANIMA network supports the development of diaspora entrepreneurs’ projects. On June 21st, 2019, we we are looking forward to seeing you at the Forum for the African diasporas during which Abdelkader Betari, Director of the International Cooperation and Economic Promotion Division of the Oriental Agency (Morocco) and President of ANIMA will be a keynote speaker during the “Doing Business” workshop, as well as Emmanuel Noutary, General Delegate of ANIMA, who will be speaking during the opening session.

On the stand of ANIMA, you will be able to meet our team, present throughout the event, but also meet DiafrikInvest project partners, members of the ANIMA network (Tunisia Investment Authority (TIA), Morocco’s Investment and Trade Agency (AMDIE), Tunisian Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation (APII), Agency of the Oriental), as well as some entrepreneurs accompanied by ANIMA Investment Network and its partners as part of the DiafrikInvest acceleration programme.


A forum dedicated, focused on the exchange and the implementation of concrete solutions
With 36 million of Africans living outside their continent, of which 3.6 million in France, the diasporas are among the major actors of development in Africa. Like the ANIMA network, the Forum for African diasporas is definitely turned towards the implementation of concrete solutions and the promotion of structuring initiatives to help the entrepreneurs to take action and support anyone wishing to develop an activity related to Africa, and aims to provide answers to these issues through four objectives: enhancing the role of the diasporas, creating an efficient network, proposing concrete solutions, but, above all, building a common future, by designing innovative and inclusive projects able to mobilise energies and progress together towards a shared long-term vision.


More information on the event: 2019.forumdesdiasporas.com


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