DIASPORA - A partnership agreement in favour of African diaspora signed in Dakar

Source: Talent2Africa
Country: Senegal
Activity: Other or not specified

A partnership agreement between Talent2Africa and Jokkolabs was signed on 16 November 2017 in order to encourage the development of a network of experts within the African diaspora in the world.

The event took place in Dakar at Jokkolab's headquarters. Several topics were addressed by the speakers (members of the African diaspora, business owners, the French consul and member of the Spanish embassy) during the meeting, including the opportunities for “returnees” regarding employment or entrepreneurship, the return to Africa, etc.


This agreement makes act of alternative for the candidates wishing to have a career in Africa.


“This programme has been designed on the basis of a simple assessment: a large part of the diaspora talents wants to seize opportunities on the continent, but a good number of them have lots of questions and underestimate the markets of the African employment. Throughout this partnership with Jokkolabs, we wish to facilitate this first experience on the continent which will contribute to bring concrete answers to African companies who need the support of diaspora’s experts on specific issues in the framework of missions of short duration or more, if needed ” said Chams Diagne, the CEO of Talent2Africa.


This agreement offers three kinds of services: immersion, recruitment and support to entrepreneurship and business development.


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