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ANIMA has published a handbook to highlight several entrepreneurship support programmes implemented in the Southern Mediterranean countries and beyond.

The case studies featured in the handbook help understand the dynamics around entrepreneurship and start-up growth and outlines...

As an achievement of the work undertaken by the project since its beginning in 2013, MedGeneration publishes a white paper for the adoption of a Euro-Mediterranean strategy on the engagement of economic diasporas’ talents in the region for 2020.

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+24% for MED-11 countries; +38% globally in 2015: the good foreign investment inflow figures announced by UNCTAD unfortunately do no translate everywhere into a tangible economic rebound. This note provides an insight about major foreign investment trends in each MED country based on the analysis of the World...

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OPTIMED proposes a new optimised mediterrranean corridor between the eastern and the western shores of the mediterraneant sea in order to improve commercial connecitons amouing the countries involved.

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From the 26th to the 28th of November 2014, it was held in Barcelona the 8th edition of the Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders, which is one of the major economic events in the Mediterranean. Organized by the Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce of Barcelona (ASCAME) and the Barcelona Chamber of...


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