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Synthesis of the contributions from the MedAlliance networks to the consultation launched by the European commission for the reviewing of the neighborhood policy.


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Business man and business woman, factory, olive tree and solar panels

The EDILE project brochure allows a better understanding of the objectives, missions and tools in order to optimise the local impacts of an investment project be it private or public. An approach implemented through the EDILE label which aims at involving investors in a policy of continuous improvement of the...

Front page of the document "Mobilising economic Diasporas..."

In the framework of the 2nd MedGeneration seminar of policy advocacy held on 2 and 3 June 2015 in Aqaba, ANIMA in partnership with JIC and ASEZA publishes the recommendations made in order to strengthen the mobilisation of economic Diasporas in the Mediterranean.

Milk, butter, landscape and LACTIMED territories

In 2014, LACTIMED launched an innovative project competition to reinvigorate the Mediterranean dairy sector and to illustrate that innovation and entrepreneurship can go perfectly hand-in-hand with traditional expertise and local resources.
50 projects saw the light of day; 38 applicants were preselected and...


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