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This final brochure highlights the achievements and impact of the LACTIMED project after 3 years of implementation (December 2012 - December 2015).


Title, cheese maker and a goat

Do you like cheese and dairy products? Did you know that Mediterranean countries have a strong tradition in this field? To discover it, we invite you to go and meet women and men who love their land and want to share it with others. Your journey will take you from Bizerte in Tunisia to Alexandria in Egypt, passing...

Labné is a Lebanese cheese

LACTIMED project conducted a report on dairy products market and international opportunities. This report aims at shedding light on production, international market, consumption trends and evolution, distribution channels, attitudes and behaviors of consumers. 

Eight dairy clusters ware developed in the framework of the LACTIMED project

Highlighting of eight cluster pilot projects developed in the framework of the LACTIMED project. As such, after consulting with more than 360 stakeholders, 2014 saw the emergence of 8 cluster projects to meet the specific needs and challenges expressed by those stakeholders in each territory. Sharing everyone’s...

Front cover of the LACTIMED study

Recommendations in this advocacy appeal to institutional decision makers in charge of public policies at national, regional as well as territorial levels. They aim to raise awareness concerning constraints having considerable impact on the dairy value chain and also the importance of implementing necessary actions...


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