Promoting Innovation in the Mediterranean

The study entitled Promoting Innovation in the Mediterranean is the result of field work, a survey of existing programmes and various workshops conducted alongside the "agents of change in the Mediterranean". It takes stock of current innovative ecosystems that are being developed in the...

Managing the transition in the Mediterranean

2011 report and impact of crises on foreign investment


One crisis leads to another one. Nearly four years after the start of the subprime crisis, which had initially spared the Southern...

Med Tracking : Recommendations for the development of a community of innovation in the Mediterranean - study 31 november 2011

Today, 90% of the world's freight transport is by seaway. Canals like Suez or the Straits (Gibraltar) are neuralgic points of these flows. Due to the richness of the Mediterranean basin, there is a high concentration of trade flows. At the dawn of the third millennium, the fluidity of the transport of goods, their...

The textile market in the Mashreq region - study 37 november 2011

Find out the most recent data, all the analyses of our experts, the latest trends about textile market in the Mashreq region and in the European Union.

Med Energy - study 36 august 2011

Med Energy Study presents a comprehensive overview of the opportunities in Tunisia and Egypt, specifically for the energy sector. It is an instrument of knowledge available for both industrial and institutional bodies.


The study represents...


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