Med Funds Survey: an Overview of Private Equity in the MEDA region - study 2 september 2008

An up to date and unprecedented overview of the Mediterranean Private Equity industry. From Morocco to Turkey...

The New Syrian Investment Agency - Report on the ANIMA Short Term Assistance Mission

Following the recent creation of an Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) in Syria, ANIMA proposed to the Syrian authorities to make a quick update of the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) situation in the country, to have a look at the new institutional and legal sheme and to provide advice on...

marseille old port - cover study Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the MEDA region in 2006 - copyright pixabay

The foreign investments towards the MEDA region further increased in 2006  :

  • Area forgotten by the worldwide investors in the years 2000 (1% of the FDI for nearly 4% of the population of planet), the MEDA region sees...
Foreign direct investment into MEDA in 2007 The switch - survey 1 july 2008

Find out the most recent data, all the analyses of our experts, the latest trends about Mediterranean foreign direct investment in the 2007 edition of the ANIMA FDI observatory (MIPO).


cover study Invest in the MEDA region, why, how ? - copyright silvia HB Pixabay

This practical guide gives good reasons to invest in the MEDA region: macroeconomic stability and a constant rate/rhythm of the economic reforms made it possible to appreciably increase the level of income per capita of the inhabitants (the total GDP should exceed for...


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