Overview of tourism sector in MEDA

The study asseses the competitiveness of the MEDA region, compared to Eastern Europe, for the tourism sector. Macro-economic data, as well as business plans and location studies, are used.

Overview of agro-business and food sector in MEDA

The study proposes an overview of the agro-business and food sector in the MEDA region. It assesses the competitiveness of  te various countries. Macro-economic data, as well as...

lights effects cover anima study Ttechnology parks, incubators, and R&D facilities in MEDA countries

This study surveys the technology parks, incubators, and R&D facilities in 12 MEDA countries and some EU countries (France, Italy, Spain ...). Il will also overview the strategies for encouraging innovation and technology investment. It will result in...

brush on wood miror - cover study anima Overview of cosmestic sector in MEDA


apitalistic structure of the groups investing in the MEDA region. The "cosmetics, toiletries and perfumery" activity, in which the region possesses considerable potential assets, and even certain domains of excellence, represents a natural candidate for the...

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The objective of this exercise is to analyse the perception of the MEDA region by the international investors, via indicators from rating institutions, insurances, banks, multilaterals, NGOs etc. and to suggest a set of common indicators for FDI climate improvements...


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