Overview of FDIs in MEDA in 2003 (Mediterranean Investment Observatory - MIPO)

The report reviews the current situation regarding FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in the MEDA region: volume, country performance, major trends, main sectors concerned, types of companies and projects, comparison with other regions in the emerging world....

man in front of an old computer - cover of ANIMA study Global impact of EU relocation flows to MEDA

What is the overall result of relocation from Europe towards the MEDA countries? Do the Europeans recover with one hand –supply of inputs, drop in immigration, increase in the overall EuroMed market- what they lose with the other – direct employment in essentially...

Investment promotion tools in the MEDA region

This study compares the organisation of MEDA IPAs to a world sample surveyed by FIAS. Comments are made on the specificities of MEDA IPAs and their need for improvements and common action.

Anima study The Euro-Mediterranean co-operation on investment: what future?

Recommendations for a future regional instrument (MIPA –Mediterranean Investment Promotion Agency)


This study provides an assessment of the ANIMA performance and proposes ways for a reinforced...


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