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The development of Euro-Mediterranean trade and innovation flows in the agri-food, fine and green chemical sectors is at the top of the European agenda. The ReaMed Forum, organised in Marseille on 30-31 March 2015 by Ader Méditerranée, ANIMA Investment Network and ASCAME, with the support of the PACA Region, aimed...

Nightfall factory

Presentation of the ANIMA brief realised for the Hub Africa forum, first investor and entrepreneur show in Africa, which took place on 2 and 3 April 2015 in Casablanca. The brochure analyses trends and impacts of FDI for Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia and develops propositions for a better regional integration.

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This is a detailed assessment of the Faro project impact, in order to benefit from on this experience and take advantage for possible future developments: review of actually engaged projects, added value for the companies concerned, possible success (success stories, follow up), specific contribution from Faro to...

Industrial patchwork

Assessing the strengths & weaknesses of a project and understand how that can benefit for both public and private sectors. The objective is to improve the local impact of the project on the economic, social, environmental aspects.

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The EDILE initiative comes from an observation: private and public investment has strongly increased over the past 15 years in southern Mediterranean countries, however often not meeting expected results in terms of local spillovers. This observation led to the EDILE project, which aims at fostering the inclusive...


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