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Aix en Provence,  France  
From 4/12/2019 to 5/12/2019
Workshop / Conference


THE NEXT SOCIETY continues its collaboration with EMERGING VALLEY and organises two workshops as part of the 2019 edition of this summit bringing together leaders of European, African and emerging innovation hubs in the Aix-Marseille area:


The first workshop, organised on Wednesday 4 December morning, “Link accelerators to improve innovators’ access to markets“, will gather accelerators from Europe, Africa and the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) to develop common impact and performance monitoring tools and organise shared services that will lead to new opportunities for internationalisation of entrepreneurs. It is organised in team with Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership.


The second workshop, organised on Thursday 5 December morning, “Leverage on organic innovation to access African markets”, will bring together innovators, major groups, innovation hubs and representatives of local and national authorities from Europe, Africa and the MENA region to work on the integration of organic innovation in the construction of the city of tomorrow. Participants of this workshop will include the winners of THE NEXT SOCIETY Tech Booster in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon.

More info on the second workshop


These events will be held in thecamp (Aix en Provence). More information to be announced soon on THE NEXT SOCIETY website.


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