Euromed Postal : For an enhanced multilateral postal cooperation within the Euro-Mediterranean region

Country: Algeria, Others countries, Cyprus, Egypt, Euromed, Europe, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey
Activity: Agribusiness, Furnishing and houseware, Other or not specified, Bank, insurance, other financial services, Biotechnologies, Public works, real estate, infrastructure, Chemistry, plasturgy, fertilizers, Electronic components, Car manufacturers or suppliers, Distribution, Water, environment and utilities, Education, culture, media, Electronic ware, Conventional Energy, Renewable energy, Electric, electronic & medical hardware, Consulting and services to companies, Data processing & software, Mechanics and machinery, Aeronautical, naval & railway equipment, Drugs, Metallurgy & recycling of metals, Health services, Telecom & internet, Textile, clothing, luxury, Tourism, catering, Transport, logistics, Glass, cement, minerals, wood, paper


As economical, social and territorial players, individual postal operators play a key role in the daily life and development of their countries. They can help societies move towards sustainable development thanks to the nature of their business, the wide range of groups that they address, their societal responsibilities and the key role they play vis-à_vis companies. More generally postal services can initiate innovation and act as catalysts for development in their respective countries and region. In order to achieve this postal operators must share their know-how, experience and expertise.


A closer co-operation which leads to synergies, is in line with the commitment to developing economic partnerships in the countries around the Mediterranean basin. Based on this common understanding, back in 2006 nine Mediterranean postal operators decided to get together to organise the 1st International Euromed Postal Service Convention, which took place in the city of Marseille, France, in July 2007. This event in light of its success – more than 500 participants took part from 28 countries – was the first concrete illustration of the shared determination between postal operators to optimise co-operation in a region that is set to see extensive developments over the upcoming years.


Today, the Postal Euromed initiative counts 19 postal operators, which operate within the framework of 4 working groups under the hood of a Steering Committee. In view of the challenging economic times, these postal operators, whilst pursing the projects in which they are already engaged, share the belief that a multilateral and mutually supportive co-operation framework can help the Postal Euromed initiative gain a new momentum.

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