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Paris,  France  
BtoB / exhibition / fair, Workshop / Conference


THE NEXT SOCIETY organises the 1st International Market Mission for MENA clusters during France Clusters’ FILEX, the national forum of sectors of excellence and territorial ecosystems.


The event will bring together cluster managers, poles of competitiveness, accelerators, incubators and technopoles, territorial decision-makers, directors of schools, universities and technical centers as well as innovation funders to exchange on key themes. The new challenges of clusters after 20 years of existence and the sectors and ecosystems facing the climate challenge among other themes, will be addressed at the event that will be held on 13 September 2019 in Paris. “Clusters Awards” and “Trophée Thèse” competitions will take place during these two days while meetings and exchanges will be promoted through a networking space and thematic workshops.





Contact: Raphaële COHEN, Project Manager - +33 4 96 11 67 64

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