PUBLICATION - EUROMED Invest reviews 4 years boosting Business in the Euro-Mediterranean region

Source: ANIMA Investment Network
Country: Euromed
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The EUROMED Invest project recently published its final brochure which follows the path of 4 years of activities implemented in the service of the Mediterranean Economy development. It features the main achievements and impact reached and highlights the involvement of the European Union in the development of the region.

The EUROMED Invest final brochure is intended to highlight the impact, achievements and lessons learnt during the project’s period of implementation. The publication specially focuses on tools developed, success stories identified, and offers an enjoyable format: mapping of actions carried out by country and territory, participants’ interviews, infographics, etc. 


Indeed, since the beginning of the project, EUROMED Invest trained nearly 2000 people and benefited to 9000 organisations, mostly start-ups, SMEs and Business Support Organisations, but also clusters, technoparks, incubators and local and central authorities. From December 2014 to December 2017, 4524 Business-to-business meetings were organised during the EUROMED Invest Business Roadshows, both in the North and in the South of the Mediterranean. During these activities, 691 business partnerships were identified through the B2B meetings and 30 partnership contracts have been signed since then.






Between 2013 and 2017, EUROMED Invest has been working hard on reactivating Euromed cooperation among BSOs in order to reassure European business support organisations about the Mediterranean market situation. The project also took special care in promoting EU support to economic partnership with the Southern Mediterranean, in order to show SMEs that they operate in the context of a political will and strategy. In addition, the project has acted strongly in promoting inclusive business projects and investments, as well as a balanced economic partnership between Mediterranean territories and the businesses they host. 
After nearly four years of activity, the numbers displayed by EUROMED Invest are significant, and the context has now evolved in the Mediterranean. The strategy of leveraging on BSO networks and capacity to accelerate economic integration and business partnership across the Euromed countries is more valid than ever. Security issues are no longer a problem which can be opposed only to Southern Mediterranean markets, yet the challenge of these countries remains to continue increasing their competitiveness and attractiveness by improving the efficiency of their business support environment.

We would like to thank once again all the organisations who partnered with ANIMA in implementing the EUROMED Invest project. We hope to continue cooperating with all of you in fostering the economic development of the Mediterranean region in the years to come.


Download “EUROMED Invest, 4 years boosting Business in the Euro-Mediterrranean region” here


EUROMED Invest is a four-year programme (2013-2017), with an EUR 5 million budget, 80% of which is financed by the European Union. It is coordinated by ANIMA Investment Network in the framework of the MedAlliance consortium. The ultimate goal of EUROMED Invest is to boost private business and investment within the Euromed area to contribute to an inclusive economic development of the region. The specific objective of the project is to empower Euromed business and investment networks to implement targeted strategies supporting the creation and the international development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises within the Euromed area. 

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