International Business

Developing commercial trade in the Mediterranean

We observe in the majority of Mediterranean countries, a certain incongruity between the systems of training and the needs of the production sectors, as well as common difficulties (implementation of efficient instruments, identification of real needs, etc). These shared needs have increased the necessity for adopting a regional approach and making the development of competence a pillar of integration in the Mediterranean space. It was in this perspective that the project for the creation of a training and research structure dedicated to the Mediterranean CCIs took its form as a Mediterranean Institute of International Business (MIIB), capable of providing a better positioning of the MED region in the global economy. An opportunity study was thus made so as to assess the relevance and the added value of the project for the European and Mediterranean economic actors as well as its complementarity with the existing training institutions, in order to assist, in a second phase, in the more precise definition of the project and its objectives.


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