SAVE THE DATE: International Day of migrants 1st edition 2017 in Rouen

Rouen,  France  
BtoB / exhibition / fair

Productive investments: Better known to better act
The FORIM is organising the first edition of the International Day of Migrants, called "the productive investments of migrants: better known to act better" in order to contribute to analyse and to be useful insight into some issues that can arise as who are the migrants entrepreneurs? What are their experiences in terms of creation of company and investment in their countries of origin or host countries?

This edition will be represented into five regional forum, followed by a national restitution in Paris (France) including the award Ceremony for MADIBA 4th edition which will reward the initiatives of entrepreneurship and investment of migrants here and over there.
The 3rd regional forum is organised in Rouen by the COSIM Normandie.
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