Why joining ANIMA Investment Network?

The ANIMA network gathers 75 governmental and territorial agencies and international business networks from 22 countries in Europe and Mediterranean area. 
ANIMA organises business events, experience-sharing seminars in Europe and the Mediterranean region, and issues many publications, observatories and reports on partnership and investment opportunities in the Mediterranean area. ANIMA informs its members on the evolutions of European and Mediterranean policies and supports them in accessing to international donors funding.
Becoming a member of ANIMA means accessing to a proven expertise, to means and resources, and to key contacts in order to strengthen collaborations with the Mediterranean countries.
Build on your partnership
ANIMA encourages its members to maximise their membership reward through an active involvement in the network, by participating to internal commitees, seminars and panels in order to share their experiences and proposals and by getting involved in the building, engineering and implementing of EU programs coordinated by ANIMA.
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