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The FDI inflows registered by UNCTAD, zero in 2011 but higher than €1 billion in 2012, settles down again in 2013 reducing by half, a sign of the lack of improvement in the political and security situation in Libya in 2013. The new draft law on companies and that of the free-trade area with Turkey have been unable to be enacted in this turbulent environment.

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Investors nevertheless continue to bet on positive changes in this country offering immense economic potential: the investment intentions detected by the ANIMA-MIPO observatory in 2013 increased in amount, even if the numbers of FDI projects and partnerships stalled, with only 5 investment announcements - as few as in 2011. 
The sectors that are fuelling investors' greed, in spite of these difficult conditions, are always hydrocarbon production (with announcements from the Russian Tatneft and the French Total), construction and infrastructure (opening of a subsidiary of the Egyptian real estate group Housing and Development Bank and the construction of a steel mill by Dana Gas from the United Arab Emirates) but also health services, such as the British IHG, which has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Health for the design, construction and management of nine hospitals across the country. Partnerships concluded in 2013 mostly concern the opening up of air links and, to a lesser extent, the opening of brand franchises (textiles, furnishings) and a shopping centre. 
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TTO Booster Track

This brochure presents the TTO Booster Track developed by THE NEXT SOCIETY for Technology Transfer Offices or similar organisations playing a role of interface between research and industry in the MENA countries with the aim of supporting commercialisation of innovation towards industry in the region.


This publication has been produced with the financial support of the EU.

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Proposals from the Senegalese diaspora to contribute to productive investment

A "Diaspora Act "for the adoption of appropriate legal frameworks

This advocacy is based on consultations with the private sector, conducted both with high-ranking diaspora talent in Europe and the United States and with repats, the entrepreneurs of the diaspora who have resettled in Senegal. It is also based on studies on diasporas and their networks conducted by ANIMA for more than ten years. It proposes concrete measures to facilitate and accelerate the involvement of economic diasporas in different channels of engagement.


This document is available in French only


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