An innovating community to viabilise monitoring of containers in the Mediterranean

B eing the centre of international trade, the Mediterranean concentrates around 30% of the global shipping traffic. Security, reliability and interoperability are the keys to the development of this sector. The Med-Tracking initiative has brought together more than 100 users of goods transport (road, rail, sea, air), industrial players, customs, ports, innovation clusters from 11 countries to study the implementation of traceability systems for containers in the region and propose a mutualisation of resources and competence. These players are now federated around an international group of economic interest, the “Med-Tracking Community”, covering Europe, the Mediterranean and recently the Black Sea. Work in the field has been done to understand user needs, propose innovation solutions on a regional scale while integrating the essential notions of intermodality, interoperability, fluidity, reduction of CO2 emissions, and the competitiveness of the ports.


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