Mediterranean attractiveness 2012: 4 lessons from the crisis

Country: Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Euromed, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey
Activity: Agribusiness, Furnishing and houseware, Other or not specified, Bank, insurance, other financial services, Biotechnologies, Public works, real estate, infrastructure, Chemistry, plasturgy, fertilizers, Electronic components, Car manufacturers or suppliers, Distribution, Water, environment and utilities, Electronic ware, Conventional Energy, Electric, electronic & medical hardware, Consulting and services to companies, Data processing & software, Mechanics and machinery, Aeronautical, naval & railway equipment, Drugs, Metallurgy & recycling of metals, Telecom & internet, Textile, clothing, luxury, Tourism, catering, Transport, logistics, Glass, cement, minerals, wood, paper

Despite the exceptional political situation in the Mediterranean, the figures for 2012 FDI are rather hopeful, and the region is showing a good resilience capacity. Indeed 2012 is the fourth best year since the last decade, in amounts of FDI announced. Except Syria, all the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries are back to business in 2012, and most of them managed to increase their average FDI project size which was in constant diminution since 2006.


Despite the fact that the position of foreign operators is still volatile, it seems that Europe has lost its supremacy in the Mediterranean over the last two years. For the first time in 2012, the BRIC countries take the lead in terms of amounts invested in the Mediterranean, and the Gulf which had abandoned the Mediterranean since 2007, invested as much as Europe last year. In times where the Mediterranean partner countries are in the process of reinventing their development and governance models, based on new democratic values, a retreat of the Europeans would be both a strategic misapprehension and a misunderstanding of the expectations of the Mediterranean countries vis a vis their historic partner.

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