Med Tracking : Recommendations for the development of a community of innovation in the Mediterranean

Country: Algeria, Others countries, Cyprus, Egypt, Euromed, Europe, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Palestine, Senegal, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey
Activity: Other or not specified, Transport, logistics

Today, 90% of the world's freight transport is by seaway. Canals like Suez or the Straits (Gibraltar) are neuralgic points of these flows. Due to the richness of the Mediterranean basin, there is a high concentration of trade flows. At the dawn of the third millennium, the fluidity of the transport of goods, their necessity to locate and secure them, whether by sea, air, road or rail, are to be improved.


With this heritage and this strategic geographical situation, it is natural and essential to propose the global integrated traceability system "Med-Tracking" and the implementation of a "product-service" by 2013-15, for the benefit of the transport economy in the Mediterranean. The Med-Tracking initiative sought to contribute to the first elements of responses to the general problem of freight transport.


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