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ANIMA Investment Network is a multi-country cooperation platform for economic development in the Mediterranean. The ANIMA network gathers national and regional investment promotion agencies, international organisations, business federations, innovation clusters, financial investors and research institutes from the region. It is operated from Marseille (France) and is chaired by Abdelkader BETARI, Director of the International Cooperation and Economic Promotion Pole, Agence de l'Oriental. ANIMA’s objective is to contribute to the continued improvement of the Mediterranean business climate, as well as encourage a shared and sustainable economic development for the region.



ANIMA Investment Network aims at promoting the economies of the Mediterranean countries, to contribute and to favour networking and cooperation between economic actors from European and Mediterranean countries. In this purpose, ANIMA offers its partners economic intelligence tools on the Mediterranean markets, develops projects aimed at improving the attractiveness of the region and organises economic exchange and cooperation between countries within the region.
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