Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the MEDA region in 2006

Country: Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Euromed, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey
Activity: Agribusiness, Furnishing and houseware, Other or not specified, Bank, insurance, other financial services, Biotechnologies, Public works, real estate, infrastructure, Chemistry, plasturgy, fertilizers, Electronic components, Car manufacturers or suppliers, Distribution, Electronic ware, Conventional Energy, Electric, electronic & medical hardware, Consulting and services to companies, Data processing & software, Mechanics and machinery, Aeronautical, naval & railway equipment, Drugs, Metallurgy & recycling of metals, Telecom & internet, Textile, clothing, luxury, Tourism, catering, Glass, cement, minerals, wood, paper

The foreign investments towards the MEDA region further increased in 2006  :

  • Area forgotten by the worldwide investors in the years 2000 (1% of the FDI for nearly 4% of the population of planet), the MEDA region sees its economic attractiveness reinforced year after year. More than 700 projects were detected by ANIMA team in 2006 (MIPO observatory), that represents an announced flow of investment of more than 60 billion euros!
  • Egypt, Israel and Turkey come at the head, but the other countries are not far away and attract many projects. The main sectors concerned are real estate, banking and ICT.

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