MADRE - Metropolitan agriculture for developing an innovative and sustainable economy

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On June 1st in Villa Valmer in Marseille, ANIMA Investment Network and all partners, stakeholders and institutional representative of MADRE - Metropolitan Agriculture for Developing and innovative, sustainable and Responsible Economy, met for the project’s final event on “Metropolitan agriculture and food systems”. 

During the conference, a Mediterranean network on metropolitan agriculture and food systems among cities and stakeholders was finally launched and two roundtables gathered experts and deputy mayors coming from the 6 metropolitan areas involved and representatives of some of the major international organisations dealing with agriculture and food. 


It was also the occasion to present MADRE project’s results to a wider audience and to disseminate the Best Practice Catalogue on Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture developed by ANIMA in cooperation with MADRE partners, along with the Agri-Madre digital platform, the White Papers and the Policy Paper that represent the key outputs of the project.


The signature of a Memorandum of Understanding for the creation of a Mediterranean network on metropolitan agriculture and food systems comprises the commitment to continue working together after the project’s end. 


MADRE: A Mediterranean network on urban farming 


MADRE project represents a network of stakeholders engaged in making agriculture a key driver for sustainable economic development and gives a structure to cities for their next agricultural and food policies. Project partners collected – with the contribution of the more than 250 stakeholders involved – around 50 best practices on urban and peri-urban agriculture which compose a set of knowledge in the 6 metropolitan and 6 transnational thematic working groups.


All the cities involved within MADRE – Barcelona, Marseille, Montpellier, Bologna, Thessaloniki and Tirana – are also signatories of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact: this means a synergy among the two initiatives and how agriculture represents one of the major levers for metropolises’ environmental, social and economic sustainability, and a key factor for future economies. The co-design of food and agriculture policies and the transition from a top-down to a bottom-up approach strongly emerged, as well as the importance of linkages between rural and urban areas and food policy with social and economic policies.


The rising Mediterranean network on Metropolitan agriculture and food systems represents the commitment of public authorities, farmers, academic researchers and civil society organisations to work together for the promotion of urban and peri-urban agriculture initiatives and policies beyond MADRE project. 


For more information, visit MADRE website.

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