THE NEXT SOCIETY is a movement aiming at reinforcing innovation ecosystems, fostering value creation and pushing forward concrete solutions for a shared prosperity in the Mediterranean and in Africa. It is carried out by an open community of economic and social organisations from Europe and the South Mediterranean countries: investment agencies, enterprises, start-ups, innovation hubs, NGOs, etc.

Launched by ANIMA Investment Network, it gathers over 300 organisations and 2,500 entrepreneurs so far. A 4-year pilot action plan co-financed by the European Union up to 7 million Euros started in 2017. It supports start-ups, clusters and technology transfer in 7 Mediterranean countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon.




You are a company, a local authority or an investor committed to innovation and value creation in the Mediterranean? Take part in this action plan and join THE NEXT SOCIETY Club!

As a member of the Club, you will be invited to participate in THE NEXT SOCIETY events and connect with entrepreneurs who shape the future of the Mediterranean: start-ups, clusters and researchers. We also offer you three options to source solutions, accelerate your exploratory approach in Mediterranean countries and establish productive collaborations with talented entrepreneurs: challenge, meet-up/ learning visit and soft landing/ mentoring.


Your organisation is focused on innovation and wishes to promote its expertise to Mediterranean public and private ecosystem players? Joining as an expert member will allow you to contribute to the definition and implementation of national innovation roadmaps in 7 Mediterranean countries.


Explore THE NEXT SOCIETY on its platform and social networks     , learn about the Club and its options on our brochure, and contact us to find out more: Zoé Luçon, Key Partnership Director, +33 4 96 11 18 17 -

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