DIASPORA - The phenomenon of "returnees" in Africa

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Coming back to work in Africa? It is a project that an ever-growing number of African "brains" living abroad are putting into practice every year. With increasing growth, Africa has many advantages to attract these new types of "returnees".

The repats have developed a pan-African vision and are establishing themselves where there are opportunities, a dynamic economy, the emergence of a middle class," says Chams Diagne, President of Talent2Africa, an online recruitment platform dedicated to the African diaspora. Sub-Saharan Africa, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire and the Maghreb particularly seduce this new generation with their stability, dynamism and the economic opportunities they offer. The majority of them belong to the sphere of high talents of the African diaspora, with diplomas obtained in the most prestigious universities (Paris, London, New York, etc.) Managers, engineers, finance graduates or graduates from sectors such as telecoms, the pharmaceutical industry and construction are all profiles that appeal to local recruiters.
Those who are also referred to as returnees cite three main reasons for returning to the country: the desire to have an impact on the continent (63%), an interesting professional opportunity (49%), and family and social pressure (22%). Contributing to Africa's development appears to be a widely shared desire, which partly explains this new phenomenon, initiated in the early 2000s.
Some organisations, such as IOM (International Organisation for Migration) encourages this phenomenon of "upside-down migration" through its MIDA (Migration for Development in Africa) programmes.


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