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December 2018

Entrepreneurs who create the Africa of tomorrow gather at Startup AFRICA SUMMIT (in French only)


November 2018


2nd call for applications to join the Start-up Booster Track

The South Region joins the THE NEXT SOCIETY initiative (in French only)

Presidency transfer at ANIMA Investment Network

THE NEXT SOCIETY Cluster Booster Track gets off to a strong start with the 1st Benchmarking Visit and Training in Barcelona


June 2018

THE NEXT SOCIETY - Acceleration bootcamps: Slighter is in the top 25 2018 of BigBooster and flies to Booster Camp Boston!


May 2018

THE NEXT SOCIETY successfully launches the Start-up Booster Track in Milan with the Innovators Academy


February 2018

ANIMA Investment Network, Bpifrance and GreenFlex launch the "THE NEXT SOCIETY" Club at the French Tech Central in Station F (in French only)


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