Report of the ReaMed Forum - European regulations, soon Mediterranean: an opportunity for the markets and research

Country: Egypt, Euromed, Lebanon, Tunisia
Activity: Agribusiness

The development of Euro-Mediterranean trade and innovation flows in the agri-food, fine and green chemical sectors is at the top of the European agenda. The ReaMed Forum, organised in Marseille on 30-31 March 2015 by Ader Méditerranée, ANIMA Investment Network and ASCAME, with the support of the PACA Region, aimed to:

  • develop the potential of research and innovation and open up new opportunities between the two shores of the Mediterranean;
  • assist project promoters in smart application of EU regulations;
  • stimulate the creation of innovative companies by encouraging partnerships between Euro-Mediterranean players.

Thematic workshops discussed the specific issues relared to the dairy chain.

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