SUCCESS STORY - Green Batimed

Source: EUROMED Invest
Country: Algeria, Others countries, Morocco
Activity: Public works, real estate, infrastructure

Potential partnerships between European and South Mediterranean companies developed thought the Green Batimed Roadshow and BtoB meetings.

The GREEN BATIMED ROADSHOW took place in Casablanca on 24-26 November 2016, as part of the EURO-MED Invest project. It was organised by the National Chamber of Commerce of Poland in conjunction with its Moroccan partner, the Casablanca-Settat Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services, the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and the Dahra Mostaganem Chamber of Commerce, in Algeria. 150 participants took part in the Green Batimed Roadshow, including contractors as well as representatives from business institutions, clusters and embassies.


A two-day programme featuring the Forum, economic conferences and B2B meetings bringing together Polish construction and public works firms and Moroccan, Algerian and Latvian contractors. The Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Polish Embassy in Rabat co-organised the event. In addition to taking part in the Forum, devoted to cooperation opportunities in the construction and public works sector in the partner countries (with special emphasis on the Moroccan market), the programme also included conferences and B2B consultations with professional bodies from all project partner countries, i.e. Poland, Morocco, Algeria and Latvia.



Some workshops were held at the Chamber of Commerce of Casablanca on the situation and opportunities for cooperation in Moroccan construction sector. Contacts were also made at the Polish information booth during the SIB international exhibition of building in Casablanca, where participants had the opportunity to present their export offers and hold a series of B2B meetings with potential cooperation partners, organised at the offices of the Trade and Investment Promotion Section. During the BtoB meetings, several potential partnerships were forged among participants, for example Bundex, a company specialised in construction and managed by Paweł Cieślicki that provide a wide range of services in construction and building materials, industry, construction and technologic equipment, furniture and others, and installation of most of the cutting-edge systems engineering of building. Throughout the Roadshow Green Batimed, Budmex made some promising connections that should result in the construction of a hotel and in the development of renewal works in Morocco. Several interviews are currently being conducted.



At the same time, other collaborations being followed are those between the CCI of Latvia and the CCI of Casablanca regarding the implementation of new services to support the private sector. In fact, during the event both CCIs decided to strengthen their cooperation and to organise a joint trade mission in Latvia. There are still a lot of questions, mainly connected with companies' interest, what seems challenging. At the moment there are e-mail exchange with hope to achieve positive results in future. Furthermore, most of Latvian companies realised that could be possible to overlook business development in the region by offering their services. And still there are lot of technical challenges. During Roadshow some stereotypes have been destroyed, especially after visiting expo in Casablanca. Main question is about companies know-how product offer. In addition, during B2B meetings in Green Batimed Ltd. Polydoad exchanged experience about public procurements with a company from Morocco, what opened wider view about processes in Morocco. Also Ltd. Rendoks explored more specific customer requirements for windows and doors in Morocco. Ltd. Sakret find out that interesting could be to sell their know-how in factory development for building materials. And still there is necessary to develop direct offer, find relevant partners, develop francize, etc.




"It was pleasure attending the EUROMED Business Roadshow. I am looking forward to using the information provided and business contacts to enhance my company penetration to the MED region"


Paweł Cieślicki

President of Budmex


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