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As in 2012, the absence of hope about a possible short-term resolution of the Syrian conflict has blocked the road to foreign investors: the country did not register any FDI inflows in 2013. Although no partnership project has been concluded, an announcement of investment was, however, identified by the ANIMA-MIPO observatory: the Russian oil group Soyuzneftegaz won the contract for the exploration, development, and production over 25 years for an offshore licence located off the coast of Tartus and Baniyas.

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The gravity of the situation led some Syrian companies to transfer their headquarters or their activities abroad, mainly to Jordan; to open franchises, like the famous Damascene ice-cream parlour Bakdash which opened a branch in Amman; or even to create new joint ventures in countries in the region, such as Turkey, or the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) registered the creation of 489 businesses in partnership with Syrian investors in 2013.
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TTO Booster Track

This brochure presents the TTO Booster Track developed by THE NEXT SOCIETY for Technology Transfer Offices or similar organisations playing a role of interface between research and industry in the MENA countries with the aim of supporting commercialisation of innovation towards industry in the region.


This publication has been produced with the financial support of the EU.

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Proposals from the Senegalese diaspora to contribute to productive investment

A "Diaspora Act "for the adoption of appropriate legal frameworks

This advocacy is based on consultations with the private sector, conducted both with high-ranking diaspora talent in Europe and the United States and with repats, the entrepreneurs of the diaspora who have resettled in Senegal. It is also based on studies on diasporas and their networks conducted by ANIMA for more than ten years. It proposes concrete measures to facilitate and accelerate the involvement of economic diasporas in different channels of engagement.


This document is available in French only


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