Technical Assistance - Peer learning


The Technical assistance missions for Investment and Economic Development Agencies will be granted under the EU funded project ‘Enhancing Business Support Organisations in the Mediterranean’. The assistance process is formed of 2 components:


  • Peer Reviews: The identification by the economic development agency of its needs (a service that lacks, a method to apply, knowledge/expertise to be acquired) with the assistance of a peer organisation. This diagnosis could be a first step to a technical assistance mission.
  • Capacity building and development of Income Generation Services: This component could be implemented following the peer review or independently if the needs are already identified.


This is a demand driven service and 100% customized; Indicative accompaniment topics could be: access to finance, financial sustainability, BSO strategic planning and management (KPI, etc.), advocacy and public-private dialogue, CSR and Good Governance, investment promotion & regional development, export promotion & international trade, business internationalization, entrepreneurship & innovation, etc.


A close monitoring of each technical assistance mission will be ensured by ANIMA. Given the limited number of accompaniments to grant, a particular attention will be paid to the content of the mission, its relevance to the benefiting organisations and the measures proposed to ensure the sustainability of the provided expertise.

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