Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture Best Practice Catalogue

Country: Others countries, Euromed, Europe
Activity: Agribusiness, Other or not specified

Developed by ANIMA, this Catalogue highlights the best practices identified in the 6 metropolises associated with the MADRE project, in terms of farmers’ innovation, social innovation, consumer innovation, academic research, territorial innovation and transnational innovation. It aims at:

  • Mapping the key stakeholders of urban and peri-urban agriculture and connecting them at the Mediterranean level;
  • Identifying the good practices developed and consolidating the knowledge gained;
  • Evaluating the economic, environmental and social performance factors of urban and peri-urban agriculture;
  • Promoting the most relevant and innovative practices and facilitating their replication and adaptation in other territories.


So, if you are an elected representative or technical staff of a local, metropolitan, regional or national authority or related body, a researcher working at the university or in an institute, a member of a consumer association, a community garden or a NGO active in agriculture preservation and environment protection, or last but not least, an urban or peri-urban farmer, an agri-food business owner or a related professional association representative, this Catalogue is for you!.


Further information on the MADRE project: http://madre.interreg-med.eu

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