Yazid Chir

Chief Business Innovation Officer


Yazid founded NEOCLES in 1998, the first French company dedicated to Cloud Computing, which he sold to Orange in 2006. He then became Vice President prospective Cloud at Orange Business Services. In March 2012, he met Albert and decided to join Be-Bound as he was convinced that the value comes from what we share, not from what we know. Yazid has applied its sense of sharing in co-creating the association NQT which help young graduated persons disadvantaged in finding a job that matches their qualifications. He has already helped 18,000 persons finding a job in 7 years. Yazid has received several major disctinctions, including : the French Legion d'Honneur, the title of « Best Change Maker » at the World Communications Awards in 2008, and more recently has been put forward by the French newspaper « L’Opinion » as one of the 100 Opinion Leaders in France.

Tel. +33 4 96 11 67 60  
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