Audits d'organisations de soutien aux entreprises

ff,  Maroc  
Du 1/05/2009 au 28/02/2010

5 experts from European Chambers of Commerce, chose through a call for expression of interest based on their experience in managing chambers and audits, conducted audits of 16 Mediterranean chambers of commerce using a methodology elaborated by Sequa, Germany, to systematically evaluate the organisational structure and processes within the audited chambers. The audited chambers were:
-    Morocco: Agadir, Casablanca, Rabat
-    Algeria: Tafna, Aures, CACI, Seybouse
-    Tunisia: Cap Bon
-    Egypt: FEDCOC, Port Said, Kaliubia
-    Jordan: Amman CC, Jordan CI
-    Lebanon: Beirut and Mt. Lebanon, Zahle & Bekaa, Tripoli and North Lebanon

Chambers of commerce have a long history in the Mediterranean region but often did not yet adapt their grown structure to the needs of today’s business. Through the audits they were triggered to do a self-assessment of their current structure and services and, moreover, had the opportunity to discuss these subjects with a chamber expert from Europe who could provide benchmarking ideas and identified structural weaknesses. During tailor-made seminars that followed the audits, the audited organisations had the opportunity to discuss the findings with peers and more European chambers experts who provided an overview of best practices on the main identified weaknesses. Overall, the initiative combined a framework for a guided review the current situation and way of doing things with benchmarking and networking opportunities with European and Mediterranean colleagues. The expected amelioration of the services and new contacts of the chambers will benefit their member companies.

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