Med Digital

Development of a new digital marketing service

T he use of new technologies and especially Internet for marketing purposes is still not widespread in certain Euro-Mediterranean countries, yet they are an essential element for the improvement of competitiveness in all businesses. Med Digital therefore aimed to improve the competence of economic operators in e-business techniques (strategic digital marketing) so as to better support businesses in this domain. ICC Syria has called upon qualified partners such as the Catalan competitiveness agency, ACC1Ò, to carry out all the operations. They have provided a state of affairs of the situation in the target countries (Lebanon, Syria and Morocco). A tool used to analyse internet sites with the aim of optimising e-business was also developed and transferred to the MED partners during a training session in Estonia, where consultants and Business Support Organisations (BSOs) were able to exchange ideas on the subject. Experiments carried out with SMEs from the region through personalised support was then used to evaluate the application of the results of this new service in the field.


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