December 2018
As the year is closing, ANIMA wishes to thank all its partners for the work done together during the last twelve months. A total of 45 events were implemented in 2018 in more than ten countries. Nearly 50 entrepreneurs and 25 clusters joined our support programs, and we mobilised several hundred organisations to develop new strategies for promoting innovation and mobilising diaspora investment in eight Mediterranean countries and sub-Saharan Africa, through advocacy panels.

Our initiatives THE NEXT SOCIETY and DiafrikInvest are now at cruising speed, and we will announce new developments at the beginning of the year. The training and twinning programmes that we have just launched as part of the EBSOMED project at the end of this year are filling up quickly, and we are delighted by this enthusiasm.

We would also like to thank those who participated in the co-financing of these actions. The members and partners of the network, the authorities of the Région SUD, of Marseille and its metropolis, and especially the European Commission, which remains our major partner. As Europe prepares to vote in 2019 to renew its Parliament, we wish that European voters will not forget the common destiny that binds them to the countries of the southern Mediterranean.

We wish you a very happy holiday season.

Emmanuel Noutary, General Delegate
Business Opportunities
The Région Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur joins THE NEXT SOCIETY initiative

Renaud Muselier, President of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region, and Khalil Laabidi, President of ANIMA Investment Network, announced their joint commitment to develop innovation in the Mediterranean during the conference "The Mediterranean of the Future - Act II", which took place on 13 November 2018 in Marseille, France. Through this partnership, the Region Sud has joined THE NEXT SOCIETY initiative led by ANIMA and launched the "Zero plastic waste in the Mediterranean" challenge.
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ANIMA partnered with Emerging Valley 2018 to organise two major events  
ANIMA Investment Network partnered with Emerging Valley to organise two major events during the 2018 edition: the first NEXT SOCIETY Power Meeting and the first meeting of DiafrikInvest Investors Club.
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The entrepreneurs shaping the future in Africa gathered for the Startup AFRICA SUMMIT

From 6 to 8 December 2018, the DiafrikInvest and THE NEXT SOCIETY flagship event in Rabat brought together entrepreneurs, mentors, industry experts, investors and leaders of the innovation ecosystem in Europe and the MENA region, and members of the Moroccan diaspora.
Economic Development Master Class Programme
ANIMA Investment Network and Business France are launching the Economic Development Master Classes as part of EBSOMED. The Economic Development Master Classes are certified training courses for executives of economic development agencies who wish to acquire or develop professional skills in this field. The Master Classes last 12 days and are divided into 4 seminars organised in different countries. 

DiafrikInvest Business Forum: Mobilising the Tunisian diaspora

Tunis hosted the DiafrikInvest Business Tour and Business Forum both organised on the occasion of the business forum Futurallia 2018 by CONECT, ANIMA Investment Network, ACIM, GIZ, and Expertise France. On the agenda: site visits, workshops and business meetings converging towards the same objective: connecting talents of the Tunisian diaspora to the stakeholders of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Proposals from the Moroccan diaspora to contribute to productive investment
This advocacy developed in the framework of DiafrikInvest is intended as a Diaspora Act for the adoption of appropriate legal frameworks. It is based on consultations with the private sector, conducted both with high-ranking diaspora talent in Europe and the United States and with repats, the entrepreneurs of the diaspora who have resettled in Morocco. It is also based on studies on diasporas and their networks carried out by ANIMA for more than ten years.
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The Economic Development Masterclasses: the first modules in Athens (Greece)  
21-25 January 2019, Athens (Greece)

Bootcamp of the Zero plastic waste in the Mediterranean 2030 Challenge
14 March 2019, Tunis (Tunisia)
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The Economic Development Masterclasses: 2d opus in Nador (Morocco)
25-29 March 2019, Nador (Morocco)

Final of the Zero plastic waste in the Mediterranean 2030 Challenge
24 April 2019, Marseille (France)

News in pictures
Transfer of presidency between Khalil Laabidi (Tunisia) and Abdelkader Betari (Morocco)
12 November 2018
Marseille, France

The Cluster Booster Track off to a great start with the 1st Benchmarking Visit and Training
19-23 November 2018
Barcelone, Spain
i-Community, the collaborative platform of the Cluster Booster Track, is officially open!